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The Palace of Beylerbeyi

Beylerbeyi Palace is a small but elegant summer palace further along the Asian Shore of the Bosphorus which acted as a summer residence to the Ottoman Sultans and their visiting dignitaries…

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Designed by the famous architects at the time called the Balyan Brothers, the building of the palace was begun in 1861 and took 4 years to complete. In comparison to the much larger Dolmabache Palace across the other side of the straits, it is a lot smaller and was not held in as much regard.

It’s main role was for hosting summer parties and entertaining guests on it’s waterfront pavilions and inside its beautiful ballrooms. The total of 32 rooms are lavishly decorated. Over the years it has housed many a royal guest, including the Empress of France and the Persian Shah.

Architect / Style: Balyan Brothers / Ottoman style

Open Days: Everyday, except Monday and Thursday

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